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 How to glitch at PQ

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PostSubject: How to glitch at PQ   Sat Apr 19, 2008 3:19 pm

Net Suspender 4.4 Download Click Here To Download
Guide :

This pq gives 51k exp every 2-4 min (if u haven't complete whole pq)
and gives 35700 exp every 2-4 min if u did complete pq at least once

Before u enter the pq, make sure that there is at least 1 smuggler, and some 1 have 6 2nd statue piece (where u get by smuggle the item out of the pq)
and every one has to be a good jumper. ( able to jump from the bottom of centre tower to the storage portal)

mandatory skills for the pq: haste (perfered to be maxed)
recommanded skills for the pq: heal (to save pots), slow (to slow down the Jr.Boogie when ur in centre tower)

After you enter the pq you only do 2 stages: entrance, and storage.

you do the entrance stage as normal, (wack the clouds and get 20 cloud piece drop it in the ball thing and a NPC will apear talk to it and u get 6k exp or 4.2k if u already complete the whole pq)

after u entered the centre tower EVERYONE has to go to the storage not just the leader (thats why i said everyone has to be a good jumper earlier) if anyone in the party have the skill "slow" use it on the Jr. Boogie to slow Jr. boogie down so that u can jump to the storage portal easier

NOw that your in in storage, make sure that each person has a 2nd statue piece.
The leader first start the storage quest by double click on the NPC and press next. (this is called a preclick)
And now lets do the glitch!
To do the glitch, some1 (usually the leader) calls out a time.
e.g 50:00

now every one click on the NPC and the NPC will say "wow u have found the piece" but DO NOT click "next"
you w8 until the timer on the top of ur screen reaches the time that was called (in this case 50:00) and then click "next"
since everyone clicked this on the exact same time, there will be 6 " u have gained 7500 exp apearing on the screen" or 5250 exp if u have already completed the entire pq once
and thats not all, u do not lose the 6 pieces. have a smuggler to smug this and do it again and again.

how to smug the 6 2nd pieces:
some 1 leave the party so that every one will be in the map: On The Way out
have the smuggler to collect the pieces, the smuggler can collect the piece in storage, or on the way out
1. the smuggler drops the pieces IN ONE DROP (that means when u pick it up, it will say "you have gained 6 2nd statue pieces")
2. the smuggler double click on the NPC but DO NOT click "next"
3. the smuggler unplug their internet cable (or anything that makes you not connect to the internet)
4. the smuggler press "next" or the enter key and then press the pick up key
5. the smuggler plugs their cable and wait for a few second, then the smuggler will be out of the map, and get the 6 2nd pieces.
note: do 3-5 quickly or else you'll get dced.

the 2nd piece's price ranges from 300k-500k in bellocan (each) sold by people
or u could just get them by doing the storage stage (takes about 5-15 min)

to make sure that no one will steal ur piece, do the smuggle after every 1 is out of the map On The Way Out except for you
if some one won't leave, log off and log onto another channel

Video Down Here

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PostSubject: Re: How to glitch at PQ   Wed Apr 23, 2008 6:20 pm

Gw mate Very Happy bounce
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PostSubject: Re: How to glitch at PQ   Mon Apr 28, 2008 6:19 pm

this is just so cool.........
do more...........=.="

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PostSubject: Re: How to glitch at PQ   

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How to glitch at PQ
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