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 Please note that ...

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Sky Owner of MyStory
Sky Owner of MyStory

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PostSubject: Please note that ...   Mon Apr 28, 2008 9:02 am

MyStory had changed the Hamachi Server's IP so please view the updated guide in the InStallation FAQs

Change Log @ v1.3
Party Quest in Kerning is available now =D
Robin NPC in Maple Island gives items for Beginner
NimaKin NPC substitute
Monster & Boss
Shop Coupons i.e Cosmetics, Hairs, Eyes
added Amoria
GM Cash Shop GM Potion Shop GM Shops;
Cash, Maple, Warrior, Thief, Mage, Bowman, Pot, NX sets, Misc. Extended GM Shop
Cody Teleports to Bosses
27 Skills & Updating Nana (H) Amoria Teleporter
Kenta @ Aquarium gives Hog/Saddle/Ride Skill & Boss Kitty @ Showa gives Hog/Saddle/Ride Skill
Kin @GM Map has Female eyes & hair
Thomas Swift Teleporter
Tombstone Teleport into Papulatus
Machine Apparatus Spawns Papulatus
Hotel Receptionist @ Sleepywood for Spa
Grako @ Showa for Spa
Free Market Portals & Pianus Portal Cleaned up
Spinel Happyville Amoria NPCs & Maps Amoria Wedding Shop Amoria Wedding Chappel Zakum Door Zakum Altar
Adobis Spawns Zakum All Teleporters; Orbis Tower & EOS
All Shops
All Drops;
Monster & Boss Haunted House HornTail Entrance HornTail NPC Spawns

All 3 MyStory Servers

First MyStory Hamachi Server -
Server Name : MyStory Server
Server Password : MyStory
Hamachi IP :

Second MyStory Hamachi Server -
Server Name : MyStory Server 2
Server Password : MyStory
Hamachi IP :

Third MyStory Hamachi Sever -
Server Name : MyStory Server 3
Server Password : MyStory
Hamachi IP :
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Please note that ...
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